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Network, server and software monitoring services

  • Network support is principally repair services that are provided for specific operational products. Network monitoring services typically provide remote troubleshooting, usability and installation assistance.
  • Remote troubleshooting services may be delivered via Virtual Desktop or through automated tools.
  • Network and server monitoring services may be delivered via tested software or using services which you already have.

Forward-thinking business leaders utilize computer network support

  • Optimizing computer network support processes through automation is key to achieving a digital transformation. Leveraging the cloud and hybrid IT technology models requires continuous investment in technologies network monitoring service, people and tools, but the payoff is the IT department having increased productivity.
  • Only flexible infrastructures are capable of supporting these new types of developments. Optimization of infrastructure and operational processes is a necessary ingredient for success.

IT Support Services

    As businesses grow and change, networks become obsolescent. This is why companies must upgrade or replace network support services.

    At Fupport, we provide the following network support services solutions:

  • Consultations for the creation of new networks and IT solutions made of software and hardware
  • Server, software and network support
  • Capacity planning with continuous monitoring and reporting
  • Data distribution planning
  • Enterprise Voice planning and support
  • Distributed environments and networks
  • Network security monitoring services

  • Whether you need to install a new infrastructure or make minor improvements to an existing network, Fupport offers what you need in consulting services, design and network solutions (from an authorised partner), as well as full network and server support services.

Server Support Services for Windows, Linux, VMware, and Other Providers

  • The lifeblood of your business network is servers. If a server were to stop functioning correctly, it could seriously disrupt your production schedule.
  • Fupport engineers and technicians provide expert Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to 2016 support and server monitoring Linux. Our computer support specialists are skilled in server support, installation, diagnosis, repair and maintenance.

Diagnosis and repair


  • Fupport technical engineers are experts in remote and on-site network administrator support, diagnosis and repair. Our experienced staffers troubleshoot and fix hardware and software issues with minimal downtime.

Server Setup and Installation

    Whether you’re installing the first new server for your business or expanding your existing server bank, FUPPORT is here to help. With the right setup and skilled server support services, and you may avoid problems in the future. Our experienced network technicians can make the setup and installation processes easy and begin implementing server monitoring services for you.

    Our engineers are experienced in the installation, support and troubleshooting of virtually every type of server imaginable.

    Just some of servers our engineers are experienced with include:

  • SuperMicro
  • HP Proliant Series with HP storage support
  • VMware and vCenter
  • Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP)
  • Windows Servers up to 2016
  • Exchange Server up to 2016
  • Skype for Business Server
  • Unix/Linux Servers
  • And much more.

  • Our server monitoring service will be an advantage whether you're putting a new server into operation or need to keep an eye on an existing one. Our team correctly operates server monitoring on Windows, Linux or other popular operating systems.
    Proactive server monitoring includes CPU usage and disk space consumption measurements, managing running programs and observing other metrics. Our pricing plans for network monitoring service and server monitoring are compfortable both for small businesses and big IT companies. Fupport will help ensure your server's availability as well as forecasting upcoming needs.

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